Andreas Zeuch

Software Engineer

This Website was developed with the help of Bootstrap3.
All content and design based choices are done by me.
The icons on this page are Glyphicons.

Custom Email Signatures

I create Email Signatures that are compatible with a wide variety of Email Clients.
The designs and layouts are as easy and simple as possible.

Remember It!

This is an app entirely developed by myself with the help of LibGDX.
It is available at the Google Play Store and comes in two versions: Free and Paid.
The game is about (as the name suggests) remembering tiles the AI chooses for you.
Three game modes are available in both versions: Normal, Order, Endless.
There are three difficulties to choose from, each of them changes the boardsize: 4x4, 5x5, 6x6.
The free version contains ads, the paid version is ad-free.
Leaderboards for the endless game mode are available by signing in to Google Play.

Android app on Google Play

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